Scotchguarding Car Interior

3m Paint Protection Film Installation

3m Paint Protection Film Installation


Scotchguarding Car Interior Although smelling good is not one of the car’s functions, keeping odor away from the car is one of the keys to give passengers a good impression. However, not all smell can be covered up by car perfumes. Here are simple and useful tricks to keep your car smells good and remove odor.


There are many different methods you can use if you want to get rid of some bad odor from your car easily. One of the most important and simple ways to avoid bad odor in your car is by keeping it clean. Make it a practice to clean your car on regular basis and you can start with the basics by removing all unwanted trash. Although it sounds simple, allowing trash to build up is one of the most common reasons why a car got bad smell.


It is highly recommended that you read the car’s manual for warnings and suggestions on which cleaning products are safe to use in your car before wiping, shampooing, or adding anything to your car’s interior carpet, seats and others. Actually there are many different types of odors and there are a number of chemicals that address specific situations. Hence the product which you choose should depend on the particular odor you have in your car.


Secondly check all the back pockets and remove all items. You need to be really careful if you have children as sometimes there may be sticky candies or other children food stuck within the pocket. There are high chances that food and drink can be lodged in any of these places without our knowledge. You need to take out the seats immediately for cleaning.


These days one of the most commonly used and proven techniques is using a spray odour neutralizer. Even though a spray odour neutralizer is a bit expensive but it is worth the investment. You can also make use of odor masks which works by producing a more pleasant smell to mask the unpleasant aroma.


Sometimes the bad odor is also caused by organic action, such as mold and mildew, which can be eliminated by the application of a disinfectant. It works by killing the organism and prevents it from generating odours.


Even using absorbents is a common thing to get rid of odour from the car easily. These products normally come in crystalline structures that attract odor molecules and trap them within their internal matrix.

Mold can accumulate in a cars interior and spread quickly if the correct conditions are present. If the interior is left damp due to cold or wet weather mold may form. If there has been a food or drink spillage which has been left uncleaned this can cause mold growth, or if a car has been left sitting and unused for any substantial amount of time then mold may begin to appear.


Mould is a living organism that releases spores as it grows, these spores are not good for your health and so it’s important that it’s cleaned and dealt with in the correct way.


In order to effectively remove mold and prevent it from reappearing a designated biological cleaning product should be used which contains active ingredients and enzymes that kill the spores, preventing the mold from spreading. If a non biological cleaner is used, it may well appear to have removed all of the mold but the spores may not have all been killed which could lead to a reemergence of the mold.




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